First FEBS Advanced Course on

Systems Biology: From Molecules & Modeling To Cells

March 12- 18, 2005, Gosau, Austria, EU


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there any late breaking news on the poster session?

When is my bus from Salzburg to Gosau?

What is my role in the meeting?Click here for a participantsí task list.

I am a teacher.What are my tasks?Click here for a Teachersí task list.

Can I still register? No, the course is fully overbooked.Only if you are asked to register by Dr Koster.

What are the poster dimensions?Maximally 100 cm high, 70 cm wide, in one piece preferably.Poster boards do not allow larger posters.

What are Power Posters (PoPís)?Short power point presentations for a few interested listeners that drop by(like a normal poster presentation but now using a powerpoint file, a PC and a screen)

Can I give an oral presentation?Only if you have been or are invited to do so.Invitations for short and workshop talks have gone out already: see the program.

When should I travel and where?

What is the program like?Fantastic; has been put on this website by Feb 18 but there are more recent versions.

Can I see the abstracts of the course?No you cannot.Abstracts will be provided to course participants only, on the site, and to course teachers when they need it to prepare for the course.

Should I bring my lap top?Yes, certainly.Much information will be provided to you on a USB stick.There is wireless LAN at various places in the building.There are only five other computers to check your e-mail one..

How can I pay my registration fee?

Can we ski out here?Yes, during the afternoon break. There is a public bus to the skislopes, which are only 2 kms away (quite walkable as well). Skis can be rented.High upon the mountain however, you will be asked serious Systems Biology questions before you can come down the slopes ........, unless you escape hors de pistes

Can I bring my boyfriends?Can I bring my daughter?Since the accommodation is overbooked, this causes problems, unless you find accommodation elsewhere.Invited speakers can do so.In all cases do inform and we may try to find a solution.Costs are 80 euro per night per person, 40 euro for a child.

Should I bring a poster?All students and postdocs should bring a poster.Principal Investigators and Chair Persons should bring a short powerpoint presentation on stick or CD.Invited teachers/speakers should bringpowerpoint presentations on stick, CD, PC or Mac.Anyone requiring an overhead projector, please let us know ( ).

Have I been accepted for the course?Only if we have asked you to pay registration (and after you have done so), or if you have been asked to send a FEBS YTF form to London, or if you are invited speaker, or a member of the Scientific Advisory board, have you been accepted to participate in the course.The course has been strongly overbooked.To check, please look at the participants/task list.

Can I give a short talk?Only if you are invited to do so.

Can I give a computer demonstration during the poster session?Yes, preferably using your own PC; please let us know so that we can make space available.

Can I hook up to the www during the conference?There is wireless internet in some parts of the hotel.There will be a few computers connected to the wwweb.We are trying to set up our own wireless at the course site, but cannot yet guarantee success