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2002 by Michael Schuster

1st FEBS Advanced Lecture Course - SysBio2005
Systems Biology:
From Molecules & Modeling To Cells

March 12 - 18, 2005
Sport & Erlebnis Hotel**** Gosau

Organized by
Hans V. Westerhoff (The Netherlands)
Roland Eils (Germany)
Karl Kuchler (Austria)

Course Director
Dr. Anneke (J.G.) Koster

The deadline for online registration is December 10, 2004. All abstracts must be submitted through the online registration system, which will open on October 30, 2004.

Registration Procedure

The deadline for online registration is December 10, 2004. All abstracts must be submitted through the online registration system, which will open on October 30, 2004.

The number of participants is strictly limited to ensure an efficient interaction between students and lecturers. We will accept a maximum of 120 students or post-doctoral researchers and 30 principal investigators. All applicants are strongly encouraged to submit an abstract, since selection of participants will be made primarily based on submitted abstracts.

All abstracts submitted by graduate students or postdoctoral fellows as first author will be evaluated by members of the scientific advisory board. The authors of the best 3 abstracts will receive a prize, the "Gosau Young Investigator Award", at the end of the course.

(For the final registration you must submit your personal registration information and abstract at the same time.  It is also possible to pre-register by clicking here.  Pre-registration has the advantage that we shall keep you informed about the developments, and it helps with respect to first-come-first-serve, which is amongst our criteria of acceptance.  For pre-registration one does not need to submit an abstract of the presentation one would like to give.  However, ultimately registration as below will be necessary to be admitted to the course.)

For registration continue here:

1. Participating Author's Details:

Please enter everything exactly as you wish it to appear on the abstract. Since most fields have maximum size limits, you must fit your information within the space provided. All fields with bold names must be completed.

e.g., Hans V.

e.g., Westerhoff

e.g., Department of Molecular & Cell Physiology

e.g., BioCentrum Amsterdam

e.g., De Boelelaan 1085

e.g., Amsterdam


e.g., NL-1081

e.g., The Netherlands, EU

e.g., +31/20/444/ext.   Include country code!

e.g., +31/20/444/7729  Include country code!






2. General Information and Meeting Topic Areas

Please select a category from the list symposia and workshop topics, which you think covers your abstract most appropriately. Although you may indicate your preferred type of abstract presentation, the final decision will be made by the scientific advisory board. You will be informed about the kind of presentation in the acceptance letter, which will be send out in January 2005. Please note, the option "Plenary Talk" is for invited plenary speakers only.



Research Area

1.Principles of Systems Biology

2. Methods and Tools for Systems Biology

3. Systems Biology in Prokaryotes

4. Systems Biology in unicellular Eukaryotes

5. Systems Biology in mammalian cells




Application for a FEBS Youth Travel Fellowship.




3. All Authors of Abstract, including the Presenting Author

Check the presenter button at the appropriate place to indicate the presenting author. Enter all author names in the order they should appear. Authors with affiliations different from the one of the presenting author should enter their address in the appropriate box.

First Name

Last Name






(Only if different from presenter.)

4. Abstract Submission

Enter your title and abstract below. You may use simple HTML (hyper text mark-up language) elements, as described below to include bold, italic, super- and sub-script in both the title and abstract. These will be shown when you press the "Proof Read Abstract" button. After doing this and checking your abstract, you can submit it or return to this page to make alterations.

The length of abtracts, excluding title and list of authors with affiliations, must not exceed 2500 characters including spaces. Please do not indent the first line of the abstract. You may introduce paragraphs, but do not set a break after each line. Tables or graphics may NOT be included in the abstract. SPELL OUT ALL GREEK LETTERS. You may end your abstract with an acknowledgement of funding sources if applicable. No more than three relevant references may be included. Present references in the format: (last name, first initial, et al., (year), abbreviated name of journal, volume, first page)

  • To italicize text, begin words with <I>, and end them with </I>
  • To bold text, begin words with <B>, and end them with </B>
  • To superscript text, begin words with <SUP>, and end them with </SUP>
  • To subscript text, begin words with <SUB>, and end them with </SUB>
  • For experts: HTML links can be included using the <A HREF="URL HERE">Link Text Here</A>

Be sure to include the less-than and greater-than symbols (<>) around the mark up codes. You will see the effect of the above mark up codes when you press the "Proof Read Abstract" button.

Our system can only accept characters from the "Western Latin 1" or "ISO-8859-1" character set. Thus, please use only characters listed on the table below. Other characters might appear on your display, but they will be translated into those listed below. This is also important for author names and addresses in sections 1 to 3!

ISO-8859-1 Character Map

Abstract Title: Type in sentence style; capitalize first word only; type all other words except proper names in lower case letters.

Abstract Text: Type in the abstract (limit 2500 characters including spaces) using only the HTML codes listed above or in this HTML character codes table.

5. Advertising the FEBS-SysBio Course

To help us in setting up cost-effective advertising in the future, please indicate how you became aware of FEBS-SysBio2005.

Please indicate details in the comments field below.


Comments: Feel free to tell us about any problems you encountered during the registration procedure or any other problems not addressed in this form.

7. Submit Information

The registration information you entered can be checked by clicking the "Proof Read Abstract" button below. A preview-page will be generated and all personal data as well as the abstract will be formatted as they will appear in the Abstract Book. The complete data-set can then be submitted from the preview-page.
Errors found during formatting will be indicated. Corrections can be applied by pressing the web-browser's "Back" button. This allows to come back to this page.
To clear the entire form instead of submitting data on it use the "Clear and Reset Form" button. However, be advised that all data will be lost if not already transmitted.

Please note: Send registration data and abstract at once. Please submit your information only once.